PutriSoft is a design and application software creation company. We produce database applications for the desktop and for the internet and can link these applications together to provide the most flexible of systems.
Computer based applications can help the smooth running of any business, providing fast access to your data, enabling you to make the right decision at the right time.
       Web design for all types of site, simple or complex. Whether you need a complex database system or just your own personal page we can provide the solution.

        Databases provide the key to the efficient running of any business. The ability to control the business relies on being able to extract useful information from company data. No matter what the size or type of business, knowing your current situation is critical to success. Knowing your income, costs, best selling items, customer sales, returning hotel guests, these and more enable you to better manage your business. Systems are created around your company, your processes, your needs. There is no steep learning curve and no confused employees, because we make a system that does what you do more efficiently and takes a small fraction of the time to create reports and to know the state of your business. Why wait for the end of the month to know the state of your business, when with just a few clicks you can be right up to date.
       More and more businesses are using the internet as their main method of sharing information both within the company and with the rest of the world. A simple web site can be used to advertise your presence, A full web system can be used to share data across the world. Say your production is in Indonesia and you are selling to a European market. An online database can keep the sales team informed as to current stock and the sales team can give production up to date sales forecast enabling efficient production. This can be interfaced through an database application at the factory. This provides the power of a desktop application with the availability of online information.
       PutriSoft is based in Bali, Indonesia. The company, employing mostly english staff, has been running here since 1994. During that time we have created production systems for companies ranging from 10 to 3500 employees, companies with turnovers from $500,000 to $15 million. In all case the system have improved company performance and turnover.
       One company just using spreadsheets on three computers took up to 4 weeks to create all purchase orders for a large order. Our system did the same job in less than 10 minutes including the time to print. After two years the company had a network of 22 computers using our custom built system and had increased turnover from $2 million to $12 million. The system had expanded to incorporate all company functions in sales, production and personnel.
       We have created systems for all types of production, hotels and medical practitioners. All custom built to suit their individual requirements

Contact: info@putrisoft.com